Build Great Companies. Fast.

Bell Ventures enables corporations to set up their own “launchpad” to build successful startups. Through our excellence in execution, we help corporations, governments, and investors transform innovative ideas into companies at lightning speed.

What We Do


Set up launchpad infrastructure to validate idea.

Stage 1

We empower you to set up your own customized “launchpad” to build successful companies.


Launch MVP and staff venture to go live.

Stage 2

We show you how to best bring your validated ideas to market.


Scale venture with end goal of independent company.

Stage 3

We enable you to take your companies from go-live to independence.


Companies we have worked with.

And many more.

About Martin Bell

Martin is a global startup advisor, angel investor, and Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures. He advises corporates, investors, governments, and start-ups. Additionally, he is a thought leader and a keynote speaker on the topic of company building within organizations.

He was previously with Rocket Internet, and helped build ~50 companies. Specifically:

  • Chief architect of 100-day launch process through which he led 20 companies
  • Leader of over 100 due diligences for 25 growth-stage companies
  • Interim executive in 5 companies (incl. Zalando, Delivery Hero, and Foodora)

Martin is a Wharton MBA / Harvard MPA.

Download the "100 Task Startup" Playbook

This playbook describes how corporates can build their own startups. Fast.

Actionable Blueprint

  • The playbook details the concrete tasks you have to complete across the three phases of building a startup : Setup, Launch and Scale.
  • Originally developed for corporates, the playbook also serves as a useful guide for entrepreneurs, governments and NGOs, and investors

100 Tasks in 20 Weeks

  • Discover the 100 essential tasks you need to create a successful company in only 20 weeks.

Proven Method

  • The "100 Task Startup" playbook distills the lessons of Martin Bell's vast experience in building 50 companies.

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The 100 Task Playbook

  • Learn from Martin Bell, previously Chief Architect of Rocket Internet's 100 Day Launch Process and Harvard MPA & Wharton MBA
  • Get your Proven Step-by-Step Guide for Builders: Startup Founders, Digital Consultants, and Corporate Innovators
  • Gain Insights from 100+ Startups (From Day 1 to IPO)