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About Bell Ventures

Aside from being a leading strategic advisory for investors across the world, Bell Ventures runs a fast-growing e-learning division. Bell Ventures’ e-learning division is centered on its proprietary 100 Tasks System (100tasks.com)

The 100 Tasks System’s mission is to democratize entrepreneurship to enable people to build massively valuable companies. The 100 Tasks consist of two complementary modules: 

  1. LEARN (course & community) 
  2. POWERSHEETS (templates & tools)

Skyrocketing popular demand has helped Bell Ventures’ e-learning unit grow enormously. More specifically, demand for the 100 Tasks has been boosted by the thirst for proven guidelines on successful entrepreneurship and by the surge in e-learning due to covid-19.

Bell Ventures was founded by Martin Bell, a Harvard MPA & Wharton-MBA who helped build 50 startups and has done everything from day 1 to IPO. Notably, Martin was the chief architect of Rocket Internet’s 100-Day Launch Process, through which he led 20 companies. 

Bell Ventures is based in the heart of Berlin.

  • Product: You will assume responsibility for all topics related to the 100 Tasks and all future products — including managing a roadmap that ensures the right features are implemented at the right time

  • Content: You will be responsible for the quality and direction of the content of the 100 Tasks and all future products

  • Strategy: You will set the direction on how to expand into new areas (e.g. new online courses) as additional revenue streams — with guidance from Martin Bell

  • Customer Success: You will ensure that our customer-first focus meets the highest quality standards — such as by building up our Slack community, gathering customer feedback, solving their biggest pain points, and ensuring a high NPS score

  • Management: You will assume responsibility for the management of all work streams with our valued external partners
  • Operations: You will assume responsibility for scaling and optimizing operational processes within the firm — including either automating work or outsourcing work to trusted external partners

  • Sales: You will develop a comprehensive, KPI-driven sales strategy and then execute it in a persistent fashion — focusing on calls for high-ticket products

  • Data: You will set, monitor, and analyze all KPIs related to product, sales, marketing, finance, customer success, and operations
  • Passionate and knowledgeable entrepreneurship and startups
  • Interested in the e-learning / online education industry
  • Bachelor’s degree from a top-tier university (ideally with a focus on Business, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, the Natural Sciences, or a related field), Master’s degree is a plus
  • Management consulting, investment banking, PE/VC, or startup experience 
  • A track record of consistently over-delivering in work, academics, and extracurriculars; of demonstrating full ownership; and of exhibiting real initiative and tenacious persistence
  • Self-managed, self-motivated, and a strong hands-on mentality with a focus on execution on expanding Bell Ventures’ e-learning division
  • Outstanding engagement, ability to learn quickly, excellent analytical skills, and a structured way of thinking
  • Able to handle uncertainty and to simplify complexity
  • A customer-first mentality
  • A positive, down-to-earth, authentic, and empathetic young leader
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both oral and written, incl. the confidence/drive build fruitful partnerships; sales communication skills are a plus
  • Fluency in English is required, fluency in German is a plus
  • Located in Berlin is a plus
  • Exciting challenges that come with being a fast-growing startup
  • Massive opportunities to build and expand upon a successful product (i.e. the 100 Tasks)
  • Compensation/Contract terms that are highly competitive and flexible: can be partly or fully commission-based, can be employee on payroll or independent freelancer, etc.
  • Opportunity to be mentored by Martin Bell and to learn from his insights (which are distilled into the 100 Tasks)
  • Ability to immensely shape the future direction of Bell Ventures’ fast-growing e-learning division
  • High degree of responsibility over many areas such as product, content, strategy, customer success, operations, etc. 
  • High degree of autonomy
  • Working in a fast-paced, highly motivated environment with smart and driven people like you
  • Open communication with Martin Bell and our trusted external partners
  • Willingness to learn a ton and to be constantly challenged
  • Great office space and perks in the famous Factory (converted brewery where SoundCloud and many startups are based), which is located in Berlin-Mitte

Interested in joining our team?

Send us your application to careers@bell.ventures and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Your application should include:

  • Your CV
  • University transcripts
  • Statement answering the questions:
    "Why Bell Ventures?"
    "Why this position?"
    "Realistic start date?"
    "How did you hear about us?"
    (100 words max. total for all questions)
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