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Workshop Series Tailored to Your Company's Needs

Many corporate innovation labs are stuck in a neverending loop of iterating, pivoting, reiterating, and repivoting. In the end, this leads to extensive periods of time to finally bring their ventures to the market. In the end, that leads to an enormous waste of time, energy, and capital to launch and scale your ventures.  

Through our in-depth workshop series Martin Bell will teach your team the ins and outs of efficient startup building. The training contains several real-life examples. Thus, your team will gain proven, actionable skills that it can immediately integrate into its day-to-day workflow. 

Sample Schedule of Our Signature 3-Day Workshop

Day 1 - Setup Day 2 - Launch Day 3 - Scale
Welcoming + Introdruction Recap of Day 1 learnings Recap of Day 2 learnings
Planning of your launchpad's mission Staffing temporarily Staffing permanently
Staffing your launchpad Efficient MVP-Development Learning from data and optimizing functions
Collecting ideas Building functions Implementing Best Practices and reaching independence
Validating ideas Setting up KPI reports Case Study: How to build great companies faster at your innovation lab
Making starter kits Going live Interactive Q&A
Summary of Day 1 Summary of Day 2 Summary of Day 1-3

Alternative Workshop Formats

You don’t have the time for our Signature 3-Day Workshop? We’ve got you covered!

We are also offering Fast Track 1-Day and 2-Day Workshops. While not being as in-depth as our 3-Day Workshop, your team will still gain practical insights it can immeditialy take into practice after the training.

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The 100 Task Playbook

  • Learn from Martin Bell, previously Chief Architect of Rocket Internet's 100 Day Launch Process and Harvard MPA & Wharton MBA
  • Get your Proven Step-by-Step Guide for Builders: Startup Founders, Digital Consultants, and Corporate Innovators
  • Gain Insights from 100+ Startups (From Day 1 to IPO)